Sochi Olympics: Let the Real Competition Begin

Sochi Olympics: Let the Real Competition Begin
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As I begin my article, I would like to welcome my new readers who are following me from all across the world as I cover the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. I see that I have quite a few reader from as near as my Canadian neighbors and as far as Australia and Brazil. It is quite an honor to have a global reader base during the next two weeks.  Be sure to subscribe this blog in order to receive alerts when I do post.

Today's the first day of the "real" competition during the Winter Olympics in Sochi even though there were some venues competing before the Opening Ceremonies. By now, everyone's been able to watch the full Opening Ceremonies and focusing on their favorite sports that I want to watch during the next two weeks of competition.

The issues that Sochi has been experiencing has not completely gone away especially if you are bobsledder Johnny Quinn from Team USA and you are staying at one of the hotels in Sochi. 

It sounds like that Sochi's hotel issues are still on the forefront in my Twitter feed instead of the Olympics. The media is still dealing with various issues as the games get underway. 

I have found that reading the Social Media feed on Twitter really places a whole different perspective on these Winter Olympic games. There have some very heartfelt moments that I would not find anywhere. 

The athletes even took time to have a little bit of fun when they are not competing during the Winter Olympics.  

But there were some moments as well when the athletes dealt with adversity during competition.

Hannah Kearney. Wanted a second gold in moguls. Got bronze. This is her reaction. #Sochi2014.


I also learned that you do not have to worry about security protection during the Olympic games.

I have found that the Russians and US have some issues with the media coverage of Opening Ceremonies yesterday in two different versions of disrespect.

There were also some very breathtaking moments that took place during the first day of competition.

And some moments that brought a huge smile to my face.


That's all for today. I will definitely have more to write about tomorrow.

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