Dealing with Menopause: Men need not apply

Dealing with Menopause: Men need not apply
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Menopause is definitely nothing to mess with especially when it is surgically started. Guys, you really do not want this. I think you should pass on this.

It has been almost two months since my big surgery where I gave my ovaries the big EVICTION. I have not regretted my decision to have this surgery one bit.  No, I haven't  - even with the menopause that came with it.

After surgery, I woke up in the recovery room with quite a bit of nausea and pain. I found out that I had a little more scar tissue  taken out than expected and explains the extra pain.  I had to get some extra anti-nausea meds and a boost from Vicodin. I almost thought I was going to be sick and stay overnight, but bounced back after the extra medications kicked in. I had my husband take me to my favorite frozen yogurt place on the way home back to the suburbs for a super high calories since I earned it from not eating much at all that day. It was the highlight of my day.

I was expecting the whole terror of menopause symptoms to hit me within 24 hours.  But I waited....and waited...waited.  I really did not think about it or focus on it much, but it did not make much of an appearance. But I was more sore for over a week after the surgery. My recliner was my friend during the time that I had to take it easy and relax.

Overall, the symptoms of menopause have been not that bad. My husband has been awesome and very patient during the whole process. There have been a lot of unknowns during the start of the adjustment. I am thankful for my "MyPause" app from iTunes, which is a diary for those who are dealing with surgical or natural menopause. I have been using it to keep track of my symptoms and noticing changes that I would need to contact my doctor about. It has been my source for keep myself calm and centered while I start to understand my adjusting body.

It has not much to note about, but here's what I have noticed so far since I have started dealing with surgical menopause:

  1. My "hot flashes" are not that bad and only triggered under really bad stressful events - Example: getting frustrated at Best Buy when trying to pick up my new computer for school. 
  2. Cotton nightgowns are going to be my bedtime fashion statement during all 365 days even on the cold nights, but if I get too warm at night - BOOM! There goes either a night sweat or hot flash and there goes my goodnight sleep.
  3. Meditation is my friend.  I do it daily and religiously. It really helps to keep the symptoms under control.
  4. My iPhone notetaking apps are my friend.  I am embarrassed to admit my many memory lapses even at a second's notice. This is one thing that I do not like at all.
  5. Barbara Walters may like Astroglide according to Kathy Griffin, but I will have to disagree and need to give Replens TWO THUMBS up.
  6. The emotions and mood swings do not come as well as much as I expected, but when they do - like a roller coaster - I hang on and go for the full ride.

I am not a doctor and do not play one on TV or even on this blog.  But I have been going the natural route after my surgery when it comes to treating my menopause symptoms. I have not run to the Estrogen supplements. In fact, I have trying to avoid it as much as I can. I have been boning up on the Calcium/Vitamin D/Magnesium supplements so I do not deal with osteoporosis.  I have added Omega Fatty Fish Oil to help with my brain and heart health. I have been hitting the hot flashes with Wild Yam, Soy supplements,  and Black Cohosh with awesome results.  My medicine cabinet is quite full as a result.

I am slowly getting back to my physical activities. I am slowly taking up Pilates to get my abdominal muscles back as well as my strength and endurance. Physical activity is very important to be very helpful with menopause especially with maintaining bone health. Once I was clear by my doctor, I made my way back to the gym slowly.

If you are dealing with similar issues, it is important to have a great support system. Do not do this alone.  Talk to your doctor about your options.  It is also talk to your own female friends about what they have gone through either surgical or natural menopause.  Everyone is different and will not go through the process the same way.

I am very happy that I have been doing well so far. I hope that I am able to continue sailing smoothly through menopause as well as I am right now.

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