One Adult's Struggle with ADHD: Continuing the Journey

One Adult's Struggle with ADHD: Continuing the Journey
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Part 2: Starting the ADHD medications

Note from author: When I wrote my article on Wednesday, I did not expect to receive as much attention from the huge number of readers.  I appreciate that many of you have forwarded this article via Google, Facebook, or Twitter.  I also received a few e-mails from people who appreciated my complete honesty and ability to open up while leaving myself complete vulnerable.  Please enjoy the continuation of this series and look for more articles that will touch on this subject.  Enjoy the following article below.  – Denise

When I ended my last article on Wednesday, I have not been on medication for the disorder until this week. On Monday, I met with a new psychiatrist who prescribed me to be on Vyvanse for my ADHD. I picked up the prescription on Tuesday after getting medical clearance from my cardiologist who previously had already done an EKG on me and was fine. (Another long story for another article!)  It is a clearish white capsule. It is this little capsule that I will be starting to take every morning to help me hopefully feel more “normal” and function better.  I started on medication on Wednesday morning and here’s how things went.

Day 1 – Wednesday

I had to take my husband to the Metra this morning so he can catch his morning commute train. Even though I am not working right now, I still have been making the habit of getting up early during the week whether I like it or not.  I took my AM Vyvanse with a banana chaser so I do not get any stomach upset. I went downstairs to pick up a clean shirt from my previous night’s clean laundry and WHAM....the medication hit within 10 minutes of taking it. The first feelings were felt like my husband snuck a double espresso shot and felt a huge rush of energy.  It was very surreal, but amazing at the same time.

After dropping my husband off, picking up a decaf at one of the last local Caribou’s (yes - - a decaf!), and running to my favorite gluten-free bakery in Riverside, I plopped myself onto the couch.  I did not leave that said couch unless it was to go to the bathroom, finally get myself some lunch, or finish baking a GF apple crisp (that was awesome by the way!).  I spent the rest of the time on the coach in full power focus mode.  I was very productive as a result and completely amazed.  I did not feel distracted from anything.  I feel pretty good and relaxed as well.

I had little spikes where my heart was adjusted to the medication like if I was drinking coffee non-stop all day.  I knew that it was just a temporary effect of the medication so I did not worry too much about it.  It was good to be productive again.

Day 2 – Thursday

Today’s dosage went much smoother with very little signs of it taking effect. It was definitely a smoother day because my body has had some time to adjust to this medication. I still feel just as productive as Wednesday and felt much focused while I had to do a paper for my Ethics course. I was able to power through the paper and complete it with little distractions.  I also had a job interview, which was a huge test for me. I was able to remain calm during the interview and project confidence in the interview while maintaining full focus on the interviewer.  Huge win-win for me!  My former ADHD-self would be struggling during the interview. I really love it. 

Well, that’s all for now. Please be on the look for future articles touching on this subject. Thank you for the support.

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