Miss America: Racism and Xenophobia is never beautiful

Miss America: Racism and Xenophobia is never beautiful
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On Sunday night, there was a new Miss American crowned. Afterwards, instead of being happy about the Indo-American winner from New York - Nina Davuluri, people came out in droves on Twitter to just say some very awful things about her. I have been amazed on how bad people can act through Social Media in the past. But some of things written on Sunday night and Monday morning are completely unacceptable. 

Here's some examples:

BudLightBro ™ (@BudLightBro)
Miss Georgia or Miss Kansas should have won... But NOOOOO they let Miss New York go to the finals and she's obviously retarded. #MissAmerica
Hope Finley (@hopefinlee)
Not trying to be racist but shouldn't Miss America be.... American?
DC Debbie (@DCdebbie)
Fox News host: Miss America is INDIAN and therefore she doesn't ‘represent American values’…
The Awkward Princess (@TheAwkPrincess)
this is gonna sound racist, but shouldn't miss america actually look like she's from america?

Seriously, people?! What is wrong with you?!

In my honest opinion, I personally think racism and xenophobia to be not beautiful.  In fact, I believe that racism and xenophobia is downright UG-LY.  I also believe that racism and xenophobia should not be tolerated period.

We live in a very diverse country. Unfortunately, some people have the view that Miss America should be white with blue eyes.  Come on, people?! The honest truth is that we are all a descendant of an immigrant unless you come from Native American heritage.  Just because we are born here in the United States does not give anyone the right to treat immigrant unfairly and make very hurtful comments.  It is completely not cool and you should be ashamed of yourself.

There is one good thing that has come out of this.  It has opened up the conversation on racism and xenophobia. People are definitely talking about it and responding to the negative comments written on Twitter.  I am also happy that Nina is not allowing the negative comments to cloud her huge achievement and standing up the bullies.  She is definitely a positive role model for other Indo-Americans as well as for Asian-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. I hope that her platform, "Empowering Women; Overcoming Stereotypes and Breaking Barriers,” will also inspire girls and young women to push through the barriers holding them back.

Let’s keep the conversation going.  I believe it is alright to look into ourselves and see what our personal views on diversity and multiculturalism. Just because it is not talked about does not mean that it is not there.

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