Understanding My Fiery Love and Adoration for Redheads

I love redheads! Yes, I do. I can not lie!

It is a bit of obsession sometimes.

I have had my love for them for a long time. Some redheads really make me weak in the knees.  Some redheads make me laugh. My sexy husband is a redhead and comes from a family of redheads.  My first serious boyfriend was a fellow ginger.

I also love being a redhead. I have a bit of ginger personality. It is fiery and hot at times.  It does get me in trouble sometimes.  My personal nickname is Firefly for my hair - not the SciFi show. (Sorry, geeks!) Being a redhead, it is a lot of fun.

Redheads have a bad reputation, but we just want respect. We can be just as lovable and sexy.  We can be very smart. People assume that redheads only comes from Ireland.  That's completely untrue. There are some Jewish redheads.  There are Australian redheads. My grandmother was an Eastern European redhead.

Here's the list of some of my favorite redheads.

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