Why I am a Chicago Sports fan....Temporarily

Why I am a Chicago Sports fan....Temporarily

If you have read my side introduction to my blog, I am not really from Chicago. I am not a big Chicago sports fan. I am simply not!

I am born and bred in the great state of Minnesota (minus the wacko May we had this year.) I have only lived here for over 6 years and have my own personal sports fan allegiance. I love my teams!

I love my Vikings! (Two words: Adrian Peterson!) I love my Twins! (Two words: Joe Mauer!) I have developed a love/hate relationship with the Timberwolves ever since KG left for the team for THAT other team! I love my Avalanche hockey! (It is a long story and involves the North Stars leaving Minnesota turning the team into the "fake" Stars.)

Lately, I have to put my differences involving Chicago sports teams aside....temporarily. During the last series that was just settled tonight, I was routing for the Hawks because I really, really despise the Red Wings because my favorite team has the same rivalry as Hawk fans. I really wanted to see the Red Wings fall (and they did. Thank goodness!) But that's just temporarily. I will going back to wearing my blue and red jersey next season.

I also have to rooting for the Cubs during the Crosstown Classic. As a Twins fan, I really want to see the White Sox lose. Once again, this is just temporary. I have already gone back to rooting for my beloved Twins tonight. I will go back to rooting for the Cubs when the second half of series commences.

People have tried over the time that I have lived here to change my mind and pull me into the Chicago Sports scene. You guys can have your White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs. I am sure that they are great team. I just prefer to stay loyal to my teams. It is much better that way.

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