Maintaining Dreams of Boston After Tragedy

Maintaining Dreams of Boston After Tragedy

As you may know, I am an avid runner. As I sat at my desk this afternoon, I found myself engrossed into the Boston Marathon and keeping track of how all of the elites were doing. Once all of the them crossed the finish line, I kept track of friends and people who I knew were racing and how they did during the race.

Then  everything changed....

The reports of the blast at the finish area took my  breath away. My heart just completely ached for the runners, spectators, and volunteers. It was supposed to be THEIR day....moment to celebrate. The finish line is supposed to be a place of triumph, not

But my heart grew bigger when I saw the unselfish and courageous act of the First Responders running towards the victims of the first blast as the second blast took place.

My dream is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The blast does not stop my dream to qualify for this race. I am not afraid. If it was terrorists that caused the bombing, they will not deter me from not living my dreams to run Boston. I have worked too hard to get close to this dream.

My thoughts are with the families and participants of the Boston Marathon.

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