Why I am voting for Barack Obama

Why I am voting for Barack Obama

If you are a Facebook friend of mine and follow me on the personal Twitter account, you are already aware who I am voting for tomorrow because of all of the information that I have been posting for quite awhile.  This should be not come as a surprise. But I wanted to share the Top 7 reasons that I am voting to re-elect our current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

  1. Women’s Rights – I believe that Barack has a strong and more open stance on women’s rights. He believes that women have a right to choose. I am a strong supporter for pro-life, but I believe that my views – like VP Biden – should not be imposed on others.  Barack also believes that providing preventative healthcare for women is very important. He has taken the life lessons that he has learned from his mother’s struggle with cancer to help other women out get the high quality of health care for women.  He also believes that rape is a crime and should not be tolerated.  He also stands strong with women for more opportunities in the workforce, which I see as being an important access in the current society. I also believe that he supports giving increasing benefits for future generations of women, including my daughter. I want my daughter to have more opportunities for her life that I did not have in my current generation.
  2. Economy – I believe that Barack has made tough decisions in order to improve our current economy. I will not say that it is 100% perfect yet, but it is getting there. He has had to make difficult decisions that have not been popular with the public, but he has a long term vision for the economy that does take time to work. I believe that he has slowly improved the economy from the mess that was left by the previous President that I will not mention. Personally I have seen some positive changes over the last 2 months in the economy and job market that has been benefiting my family and given us some hope that better times are in the horizon.
  3.  War and Military – I believe that Barack has been a strong support for the military especially being a sibling of a two-tour Iraq-conflict veteran. He has kept his promise to bring the military out of Iraq and allow the Iraqi government to become sovereign. He also went after Obama bin Laden and removed him from being a threat to the world, which could not be done by the previous administration in TWO terms. He also has maintained a promise to bring the military out of Afghanistan in 2014. He has strong and clear plan to help the Afghan government to become more sovereign.
  4.  LBGT rights – Barack Obama has been a strong supporter of LBGT rights. He may have not come out right away with his Gay Marriage stance, but supported the rights of the LBGT community. He believes that there should be an end to bullying in the schools involving LBGT teens. He also ended the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” stance in the military.
  5.  Immigration – I believe that Barack has a stronger plan to help with the Immigration policy. He has stated in his 2nd term plan that he will be creating an Immigration plan that does include helping all of the DREAMers. Unfortunately, he dealt with opposition within Congress during his first term and will not allow this to happen again. He has a strong support within the minority communities and has championed to get support.
  6.  Leadership – Barack is a strong leader…period! During the current tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, he worked well with the governors of the effects states to make sure that aid was ready for them without any red tape to hold them back. He offered his support for those affected by meeting with victims of the storm in New York and New Jersey and vowed to help them as they recover from the disaster. He also maintained his strong leadership to get the Healthcare initiative passed in Congress. He met with members of both parties in order to get the bill passed. He worked to help pass the two stimulus bills in order to help to get the economy moving again.
  7. Healthcare – Using the Massachusetts healthcare plan as an example, Barack created the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare.  He is the first president to make the huge step to help make healthcare more affordable for everyone. He has removed loopholes for those who have not been able to get health care coverage in the past.  He has allowed for those who have pre-existing coverage to be not discriminated anymore. He has allowed for free preventative exams in order to detect cancer. He also created an open market for healthcare coverage in order to make the cost of healthcare more affordable.

I believe this initiative has a huge milestone during his 1st term. My family benefits from the Affordable Healthcare Act. Both my husband and I have pre-existing conditions that will not prevent us from getting coverage in the future. It will also help me get a mammogram sooner since I am at high risk for breast cancer.

I believe that Barack is an excellent leader and has the passion to create policies to help others. He has a clear vision for his 2nd term with nothing left out. He cares about women, members of military, minorities, and the LBGT community. He is a champion for the less-fortunate and those who are struggling. We need him in office for another 4 years. Please vote for Barack tomorrow when you cast your ballot.

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