The Spirit of Thanksgiving: What I am Thankful For

The Spirit of Thanksgiving: What I am Thankful For

Today is the holiday of Thanksgiving. The main purpose of the day is remembering what we are thankful for and appreciating what we have. Life can drive you crazy during most of the year. It is good to have one day to be with family and remember what is most important. It can really put into a better perspective.

Here are some of the many things that I am thankful for this year:

  1. Finally finding a new PERMANENT job after looking for 2 1/2 years. It has an exhaustive search, but I finally came up on top.
  2. My awesome husband, who has been a complete ROCK through this very tough year.
  3. Having two beautiful, healthy and smart children who constantly make me proud.
  4. My awesome friends who have been there when I needed them.
  5. Being able to run - even though it has been temporarily sidelined right now.
  6. My education - I just completed my 1st Master's degree and working on starting my 2nd one starting next year.
  7. The freedom of speech - I love being able to stand up for what I believe in and feel good about it.
  8. The power of technology - It really has helped my life to be more enriched and more educated.
  9. My health - I am thankful to be healthy (most of time) and thankful for the awesome care that I receive from my doctors.
  10. The power of music - It is the absolute cure-all for a bad day and a great motivator to put an extra step into my day.

I hope you enjoy my list of things that I am thankful for. I challenge every one of my readers to think about what they are thankful for. Life is very precious and can not be taken for granted period.

I will end this post with something cute to enjoy from the view of the little ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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