Screw Black Friday! Let's Talk about Cyber Monday!

Screw Black Friday! Let's Talk about Cyber Monday!

I am sure by the time that you read this you have had your fill of turkey and have already battled the crowds as part of Black Friday. I am going to be blunt. Personally, I could care less about Black Friday period. The deals are not worth battling the crowds, cranky shoppers, overworked employees, and dragging the rest of your family on top of that. I do not think any businesses benefited from forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving night.  I highly doubt that these employees were paid either time and a half or double half for sacrificing their holiday with family and friends. I used to work retail and have  had quite a few holiday shopping weekends. It is not an experience that I can not do again.

I personally prefer the deals that take place on Cyber Monday. It is much more relaxing to sit in front of the computer  and shop. You do not have to fill gas in the car. You do not have to fight traffic and other cars for a parking spot a 1/2 mile away. You do not have drag your children and unsuspecting husband with while you shop. Everyone's happy in the long run.

Some of the other benefits to shopping on Cyber Monday are that your favorite deals can be delivered to your e-mail box. I personally love Amazon because I can find almost all of my gifts on one website. I also do not pay for shipping since I have the Amazon's preferred membership that includes 2-day shipping. It is well worth the $80 that I spent.

For more information: Cyber Monday Sport deals - this link will give a great list of retailers that have specials online for athletic wear and gears.

Here's a video to end this post to show the craziness from Black Thursday and Friday morning.


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