Death to the Twinkies?

Death to the Twinkies?
My friends are mourning the loss of these treats.

If you have not been paying to the news in the last week, you may have not heard that Hostess - the company who makes all of your favorite childhood treats including Ho-Ho's, Twinkies, and Wonder Bread - shut down temporarily after talks with the baker's union fell through. The whole news brought a lot of anger, heartbreak and reminiscing within all of my childhood friends on Facebook. All of my friends talked about buying up as much as of the treats from the stores before the "last" Twinkies is in the store.

Personally, I have been able to eat for some time due to medical and dietary reasons. I am not as emotional vested in the tasty cakes fully of sugar and preservatives. I remember eating them a lot as a child and a broke young adult looking for something to eat to prevent sugar crashes. It was during a time when I really did not know better diet-wise.

I have seen people buy them so they can eat them slowly over the course of a year. The truth is that the small cake do have a moderately-short shelf life of 25 days. If you bought them by the case, you better plan to eat everyday in order to not discover a very stale or unappetizing cake when you open the packaging. I can not image eating them constantly. The thought just makes my blood sugar go up.

The people who feel for are the 18,000 employees at Hostess within their 33 plants across the county. The shutdown leaves them out in the cold without a job and a source of income for their families. This comes at a very bad time when the holidays in the horizon. The country is still helping out the East Coast with the effect from Superstorm Sandy. The company management should not take advantage of them by pocketing the profits and benefiting from it financially during the liquidation process. The employees end up suffering as part of the process.

That's real food for thought.

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Update: Hostess, union fail to reach a deal

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