Being a Minnesota Vikings Fan Living in Chicago

Being a Minnesota Vikings Fan Living in Chicago

Yes, my fans. I have been living in Chicago for almost 6 years. But I have been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings for pretty much my entire lifetime. It is written in my DNA. I know that some people think that I should develop being a fan of the Chicago Bears.

Not a fat chance!!

I bleed purple that it is completely dark and stains the carpet. I love wearing my Helga horns while I watch the game. I have watched the Vikings play for long as I can remember in the 38 years that I have been on this earth. I watched most of the games with my dad as a young child while growing up in Minnesota. I remember most of the coaches that have come through the purple and gold revolving door.  In fact, the Vikings had Mike Dice as a head coach before he was a Defensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears. You guys can honestly keep him....please!

We consider Bud Grant our "football god" aka legend compared to Coach Ditka. We had him around for two different  terms in the 1970's and 1980's  before he decided to retire instead of being fired.  I still love Jerry Burns mostly because the Minnesota media always had a lot of fun with his constant attitude and frequent profanity.

This is another classic. (Do not watch this in the presence of people with "sensitive ears".)

We also have the awesome presence of our #1 Running Back, Adrian Peterson. He's the real deal - not the imitation Adrian Peterson on the Chicago Bears (if he's still on the team). He has bounced back BIG time after his knee surgery. He's our wonder boy. He's better than ever!

As for Quarterbacks, Chicago Bear fans,  all I am going to say is that if Cutler does not play on Sunday - you guys are SO SCREWED! I really hope the Minnesota Viking defense was watching your game on Monday night because they are very keen in finding holes and using them to their advantage. On the other hand, this has been our year for our current Quarterback, Christian Ponder. He has not been 100% perfect, but he has been better than what we had in previous QB's (other than Brett Favre!).

My only beef about living in Chicago and being a Minnesota Vikings fan is the stupid blackout of the Vikings games especially when the Bears do not play at the same time as the Vikings. It is nearly impossible to watch a game without heading to a bar in the city that has it on. I completely refuse to buy into the NFL Total Access package in order to watch my favorite team on TV. It is completely freaking stupid.  I have the same issue with watching Minnesota Golden Gopher games on Saturdays. It is absolutely frustrating.

Well, we will have to see who comes out on top on Sunday in Soldier Field. Let the best team win.....or until you play us again in the THUNDERDOME.

For more information on the Vikings-Bears rivalry: check this article out.

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