Tired of Being Tired: An Energizing Story

Tired of Being Tired: An Energizing Story

This is a story.

Not just any story.  It is a story with a moral at the end.

It is a story of a girl with an energy issue…or lack of energy issue. She also had a dream and desired to be a super speedy runner. But she had a huge mountain to climb…literately.

She spent almost two years dealing with this lack of energy. During this time, she would consume lots and lots of coffee. She also tried energy drinks – anything that she could find. Nothing seemed to be working at all.

This girl changed her diet by eliminating the junk and processed food while adding more healthy stuff. This didn’t help. She also eliminated the sources of food intolerances and allergies that contain gluten and dairy, but that did not give her complete relief.  She looked to the Sport Nutrition experts and started reading about endurance nutrition to empower herself.

Then she finally went to the wizard….er, doctor to get some help with lack of energy. The doctor went through her diet and symptoms. The doctor also thought it would important to do blood work to check for any deficiencies. And with the blood work, the doctor was able to find source of her lack of energy: SEVERE IRON ANEMIA.

The doctor then ordered the girl to start 325 mg of iron supplements immediately. And with that, the girl finally saw the light….

It was a bright light. A very bright light.

With just one pill, she felt like she just had a triple espresso. Her whole body started coming alive from her brain downward. It was almost too much to take at once that the girl almost became too emotional.

And her running?

It was better than ever with little effort for the girl. It is almost a dream come true.

So you want to know the moral of the story?

If you have an athlete (and a non-athlete), get your iron levels check annually in order to watch for any iron deficiencies before they become iron anemia. Your body will thank you...and wallet too. (But the barista at Starbucks will miss you.)


End of story.

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