Fighting Darkness

Fighting Darkness

During the summer, it seemed like we enjoyed endless sunshine and blue skies. It brought a lot of heat and humidity. Even with the pain, we had a lot of fun being active and being outside. It was a great time to be active.

Now over the last couple of weeks, that same wonderful sunshine and blue skies seems to be fading into the sunset. In fact, now we are fighting to get outside during the week before darkness hits. It seems to get earlier and earlier. The minutes of sunlight diminishes during each day.

I can relate to that pain. I love fall. It is my favorite time of the year. The only part that I do not like of this time of the year is losing the precious minutes of sunlight to get outside after my workday for a daily run. It seems like I have to rush faster and faster to get out of work, fight traffic, run into the house to change, and then drive to the trails.

The lack of sunlight has forced me to change my routine to change at work before leaving the building into my running clothes, fight traffic, and then pray that there is enough sunlight to get three miles in on my favorite running path. These changes have brought on added stress because I do not have a gym to easily venture to during the week to run on the treadmill.

I simply do not like this one part of fall one bit. Thankfully I have a headlight to wear during the mile of my run so that I am easily seen by the cyclists or other runners. It also helps to see them and also the outdoor creatures so I am not attacked by a dive-bombing squirrel or a wild coyote.

Overall, I should be thankful for being outside and being able to run. This time of the year really makes me homesick for my home state of Minnesota and running on the paths along the Mississippi River and Chain of Lakes of the Twin Cities. I miss all of the fall colors and crispness of the air as I run.

All I can do is to keep running.

In the sunset.


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