London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 16

London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 16
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Today was a very exciting day for Team USA. There was a lot of fantastic highlights during several events as well as historic moments. We brought home a total of 8 medals overall today. Here's some of the highlights.

Women's Basketball

Congrats to Team USA for bring home the 5th Gold medal in a row during today's game against France with a final score of 86-50.  The players did an outstanding job during the game. Their defense was fantastic as well as how well they were shooting. They were able to hold off France during the 2nd half and increase the point difference to 36. Several of the players will be returning in 2016. I expected them to play well again in 2016.

Women's Volleyball

Congrats to Team USA for bring home the Silver medal during today's competition with a final score of 3-1. They played their hearts out and did well during the Olympics. Let's bring home the Gold in 2016.

Men's Platform Diving

I would like to extend a huge congrats to David Boudia who brought home the 1st Gold medal in 10-meter platform diving. There has been a huge dry spell since 1988 when Greg Louganis won in Seoul. This is a huge achievement to bring diving back in the forefront within the United States. It is wonderful way to bring out the Olympics.

Track and Field

This was a huge day for Team USA in Track and Field. Team USA brought the Gold medal in 4x100-meter Relay. Bolt and Team Jamaica won the Gold medal in the 4x400-meter relay and set a new World Record as well. Team USA finished behind them and brought home the Silver medal. Brigetta Barrett brought home the Silver medal in the High Jump.

Women's Mountain Bike

Georgia Gould had a very close finish time and brought home the Bronze medal for Team USA. She was only 6 seconds behind the Silver medalist from Germany. It was an exciting race to watch. Congratuations!

Well, this is 2nd to the last entry for the Olympic series. Tomorrow will be Closing Ceremonies as well as the final day of competition. It will also be the final entry to finish the series off.

Until then....

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