London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 15

London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 15
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In today's post, I am going to combine the results of yesterday and today into a remarkable piece. Today Team USA brought a total of 4 medals compared to the 10 that we brought home yesterday. Overall, yesterday had some very impressive moments as well as today.

Yesterday's Results

Haley Anderson brought home the Silver Medal in Open Water Swimming, which was huge accomplishment. Claressa Shields brought the 1st Gold Medal in Middleweight Boxing, which is very impressive achieve considering Women's Boxing entered for the 1st time as an Olympic sport.

In Track and Field, Christian Taylor & Will Claye brought home the Gold and Silver medals respectively in the Triple Jump. The Jamaican trio of Bolt, Blake, and Warren took home all of the medal for their country in the 200-meter dash. Unfortunately, after the event, Bolt dissed out Carl Lewis and declared him the Olympic hero. I believe that Bolt should have not disrespected Lewis and kept an even and humble personality.

In the Men's Decathlon, Ashton Eaton  took home the Gold medal while Trey Hardee took home the Silver. It has been amazing competition. Congratulations to both athletes. Meanwhile, Terrance Jennings took home the Bronze in Men’s Featherweight Taekwondo in a great match.

The Women’s Basketball team remained a force of be reckoned with after their 86-73 against Australia. The team played very well during the game and remained a strong time even with a close game. Their next opponent is France where they win the chance to earn the Gold medal tomorrow.

Today's Competition

American Jordan Burroughs brought home the Men's 74 kilogram freestyle wrestling gold. Paige McPherson took home the Bronze in the Women's Welterweight in Taekwondo, which is a sport that Team USA does not medal that often. Both athletes did a very well job and proved to be very strong athletes.

In Track and Field, the men and ladies proved to very fierce competitors in both of their relay events. Team USA brought home the Silver medal in the Men's 4x400 meter relay. The US team was hit with injuries including Manteo Mitchell dealing with a broken tibula. They were simply amazing. Team USA did awesome in the Women's 4x100-meter relay by earning the Gold medal and setting a new World Record with a finish time of 40:82. Great job, ladies.

That's all for tonight. There's only 2 more days left in the Olympics. Both days will be jammed packed before the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday night.

Until then...

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