London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 12

London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 12
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I am going to change it up in today's post. The main theme of the day will be controversy and tragedy. There were quite a few moments of both today. Here's a summary of them:

Cheating and Cheaters don't always get caught

In an article posted on Yahoo, South African Cameron van der Burgh admitted to cheating during Gold medal and World Record performance in the 100-meter breaststroke.  He states during the interview that he is not the only athlete doing it. In personal opinion, I do not care of the "others" that may be doing it. I am disgusted that he did not take responsibility since he was honest about it after being award his medal.  He basically put his foot right into his mouth by talking about it. That's the other ultimate stupid part. Why the HELL would admit that crap?! Cheaters never win in the long run. It is wrong....period.

Heavy Weights + Neck = LOTS of pain!

This is the portion of the post where I will apply my "Do not click on the link if you are very squeamish about anything painful" warning. The photos involved a German weightlifter dropping a 432-lb barbell are just painful. I could only look at the pictures for a split second before turning away. I am completely amazed how he was able to completely walk away. AMAZING! But ow...ow....and more ow!

When a dive goes really, really WRONG!

I have seen a lot of amazing dive during the Olympics. This was one that did not see from yesterday's competition. Stephan Feck from the German team completely landed on his back during a competing in the 3-meter springboard diving event. It turns out that his toe slipped on the edge of the diving board causing him to not completely make the complete rotation thus causing him to land on his back.  Another ow!

Well, that's all for tonight. There will be a lot of important events tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Until then....

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