London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 11

London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 11
Provided by the IOC

Today was another great day, but the first day where Team USA only secures 3 total medals for the day. We still have another week of events to participate in.


There was a huge controversy today when Nick Delpopolo treated positive for marijuana after "unknowing" eating a pot brownie before leaving for the Olympics. I find his claim to be complete unbelievable. All Olympic athletes need to be completely aware of their nutrition and what they place into their bodies. While it is disappointing to see an athlete to become disqualified, it was good to see that he took responsibility for his actions and not fight it.

Track and Field

There was a lot of great performances today for many of the different Track and Field events. Jenn Suhr brought home the Gold medal in the Pole Vault with a very impressive performance. Michael Tinsley brought home the Silver medal in the 400-meter hurdles. The ladies from Team USA did very well in the semi-finals in the 400-meter hurdles. I was inspired by the performances of Lashinda Demus and Georgeanne Moline.  They were both awesome! I hope to see both earn some medals.

Men's Basketball

The Dream Team did very well again against Argentina with a score 126-97. I am noticed that the point difference is closing in with each opponent. With no surprise, they made it into the quarterfinals and play Australia on Wednesday.

Women's Soccer

I was very impressed on the performance against Canada. It is so amazing that they made to the Gold medal round of the competition. They will be facing the same opponent, Japan, when they were in the World Cup finals. I hope they take some of the lessons from that game into their next game on Thursday.

That's all for tonight. More coming tomorrow. Until then....

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