London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective

London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective
Image provided by IOC

We are only ONE day away from the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Personally I can not wait.

Starting tomorrow, I will be using the next 12 days of the Olympics in London to create an Active Suburbia introspective. I will throw some personal observations of the games. I will be throwing in some Sport Psychology. I will be analyzing any controversy that takes place during the games (or how many times someone get busted for illegal performance enhancing drugs - You know that it will happen!). I may talk about the Queen, Prince William, Price Harry, and the rest of the Royal family. I may even throw in the kitchen sink as well. (Just testing to see if you were paying attention!)

Things will be interesting and fun. The best part is that we don't know what will happen during the Olympics games. It will be complete surprise.

Come along for the ride and enjoy the Active Suburbia Olympic introspective. And before I forget...




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