London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 5

London or BUST: 2012 Olympics Introspective – Day 5
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Today was all about breaking barriers and overreaching goals. There were a lot of outstanding results in several sports. There was amazing performances out there. It was definitely an exciting day.


Unless you have been in a bear cave all day or sleeping, you probably already know that Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian with 19 medals overall. It was completely inspiring and awesome to see him get this far. It is also bittersweet because this will be his last Olympics that he will be participating in.  I am very happy that he came out on top. I just hope he comes out for just one more event during the Olympics. I wish him the best if this is it for him.

Mr. Phelps was not the only one who won gold today. Allison Schmitt earned a Gold medal during the 200-meter freestyle.  What an awesome way to bring it.

Women's Gymnastics

The ladies earned the hardware and brought home the GOLD. There has been nothing like it since 1996 with the visions of Kerrie Strug and Shannon Miller danced in our hearts. A lot of these ladies were only BABIES when we last won the Gold medal in women's gymnastics. I am really happy that Jordyn Wieber  was able to rebound and refocus herself after being completely disappointed to be excluded from the Individual All-Around competition. It took a huge team effort to do this well during the entire competition. Way to represent!!

Men's Skeet Shooting

Vincent Hancock from Team USA sets a 2-time record and making Olympic history by winning the gold tonight in Men's Skeet Shooting. It seems that we are pulling all of the stops to do well in a lot of sports like skeet shooting. Very impressive!

Women's Field Hockey

Holy UPSET, Batman! The women's team managed to beat the #2 ranked team, Argentina, in a huge upset. The score was not a huge one at 1-0, but it took a lot of effort to push back such a strong team to stay alive in the Olympics in a sport that we are....well....not really recognized to do well in. But that's okay because we are still alive and have determination to remain strong for the rest of the competition.

Men's Basketball

See ya, Tunisia! Nice to know ya! The Dream Team just smashed their team 110-63. They did not see it coming. Well, maybe they did.

Well, that's all for tonight. There will be more coming tomorrow. Until then...

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