ChicagoNow gives WBEZ a HUGE (soft)ball beating

Happy Summer to everyone! I hope everyone's attempting to enjoy this awesome weather.  The weather may not be always cooperating, but it could be SNOWING.

I am spending part of my summer playing on the ChicagoNow softball team. We are part of a Chicago media league against several of the other media outlets like Chicago Reader, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, etc.We will be playing for a total of 5 weeks, which includes a week bye before hitting the playoffs.  In our first week, we played against the team from radio station, WBEZ - aka the NPR station. We have a great team set up with some experienced and not so experienced players on the team. Personally, I haven't played since high school, which was...*ahem*....many years ago to keep it simple and avoid embarrassment.

We were kicking it up right away from the start of the game. In fact, we were kicking it in up in all 5 INNINGS that we played. We had a few grand slam hits by a few of the guys. The umpire had to stop the game after 5 innings because of our awesomeness with a final score of 15-1.

We have a "bye" this Thursday due to the 4th of July holiday, but looking forward to playing our, opponent - WCIU on July 7th. Sadly, they were not there last week to see how we played so they will be like innocent animals walking into the slaughter house.  I look forward to write the next score report in two weeks. Until then, have a fun holiday weekend and be safe!

Here's a video of our entire team for your viewing pleasure: TEAM ChicagoNOW. Thanks for JenChicago for creating it!


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  • It was a tremendous team effort. All the teams better be ready because ChicagoNow is all ballbusters galore! Kudos to our team captain, Jimmy Greenfield, for slugging two HRs and leading the charge!

  • Awesome! We make a great team!

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