Are you really ready for the BLIZZARD?!

I know that this is a blog on being active. But when the storm of the century is on our doorstep, it is definitely worth talking about. For someone who was born and raised in Minnesota, I have seen my share of these storms. I still remember the infamous 1991 Halloween Blizzard that cancelled class for two days (which I thought was AWESOME as a high schooler at the time.)  I know that my friends and family in Minnesota and on the East Coast have been waiting for us to get dumped with snow like them. It's all about karma unfortunately. It's our turn now. 

1979 Chicago Blizzard.jpg

Images of 1979 running through people's minds

When you live outside of the city of Chicago, it's a whole different animal with this storm in mind. You don't have the advantage of just jumping on a city bus or train at anytime and going home. Most of the time, you have to drive yourself or have the make the choice of stay home...period. 
For those who are going to be crazy enough to brave the nasty blizzard conditions, here's a refresher on some tips to stay safe:
  1. Stay home if you really can. The roads are going to hazardous and not worth the risk to your safety. 
  2. If you HAVE to go to work, plan your route ahead and use the IL Road Condition website as an excellent resource.
  3. Notify people about your driving route.
  4. Prepare your vehicle for winter travel with a full gas tank and properly inflated tires.
  5. Be sure to have a winter weather survival kit in your vehicle
Winter Survival Kit

Flashlights and extra batteries.

A multi-tool knife.
Extra set of clothes - so you can turn the car off and still stay warm.
Extra socks, gloves and hats.
Waterproof matches and candle (- used to help keep warm).
Small can - to melt snow for drinking water.
Local maps.
Tools (screwdriver, pliers, wrench).
Road flares.
Jumper Cables.
Small shovel.
Set of tire chains.
Bottled water.
Food - e.g nuts, dried fruit or energy bars.
Cell phone - make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged.
First aid kit - and know how to use it.

Just be safe! Don't be a fool. 

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