12 Active Days of Christmas

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I completely apologize because it has been insanely busy.  Physical therapy and TWO graduate school classes = OVERLOAD! Now that's all done....for now, I will be able to have more energy and time to post
I think this is the most enjoyable post that I have come up with. I enjoy the holidays and also enjoy staying active. Since I enjoy both things, I wanted to combine both in one blog post.  I am sure that you have someone on your gift list that is active and needs something for the holidays.  I have come up with list of items following the song, "12 Days of Christmas."
12 Pairs of  Compression Socks.....or any type of athletic socks. Everyone needs socks...period. You can never have too many pairs of them...period.
11 Packets of Gu - If you are a serious runner, tri-athlete, or cyclist, there's no need for explanation for this product. Just Gu it!
10 Pairs of Gloves - If you are one of the few people that actually run or bike outside in this cold weather, you need these period! 'Nuf said!
9 Race Entries - It's time to start planning your 2011 race calendar. So many races, so little time!
8 Sessions with the Personal Trainer - The off-season is a great time to build up your strength and endurance to prepare for the next active season. Who doesn't like a nice Jillian Michaels-style "beating"?!
7 Technical Shirts - Cotton is ROTTEN!  These are the better way to go when you take your workout inside or even back outside in the spring.  Plus the cute guy behind you on the treadmill won't see your sweat lines from your sport bra.
6 Pairs of Running Shorts -  Like socks, you can never have too many pairs of shorts hanging around. Hell, am I the only one who likes to color-coordinate their workout outfits?
5 Sport Bras - Ok, ladies, it is important to get a proper fit so you prevent too much jiggling and even strain a pectoral muscle in the process. It's always important to have a spare as well.
4 Sport Water Bottles - You can never have too many spare water bottles, right? I do not think I am not the only household with a half dozen empty bottles hanging around the house.
3 Sport Massages - What is the best thing that you can give someone...or even yourself during the off-season....or during your training season? Your body will thank you later.
2 Containers of Body Glide - This stuff will come in handy with the cold weather training or even in the spring when you start your serious training to prevent the chafing in the...um...uncomfortable spots.
1 Garmin - If you want to keep track of where you run, bike, or swim, this is the great tool to use! No substitutions!
Now here's the end of my 12 Active Days of Christmas....

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