It's all about sharing..

Do you think that being active is the only part of a healthy lifestyle? 
No, it isn't. There's more to it. It's important to eat healthy as well. It's important to have a balanced diet and nutrition. 
There is one easy way to get in both.  It will also benefit the local community as well. It is as simple as becoming involved in Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA - for short.)  It will be great way to support local farmers and keep money in the local economy. It is almost like buying shares of stock from your favorite company, but you are buying produce instead. It is a great way to pay it forward within our community and for our health too.
My husband and I are part of a CSA at the Green Grocer in Chicago. We receive fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. Most of the produce that we receive in our weekly shares come from organic farm where they don't use pesticides or chemicals when they grow their products. We have had a lot of success each week with what we have picked up. Every week has a different list of products that we receive, which always keeps us on our toes and maintained variety in our diet.  We also have had produce that we had not had before and have educated ourselves to be creative with what we receive. It has always come out delicious at the end.
The costs of the CSA is very economical and cost effective. Some CSA's have you pay the full season or year upfront and some allow you to make weekly share payments.  You just need to research information on each of the CSA's in the area.  I have been fortunate to do some of the research for you.  I have listed below some links for Illinois CSA's in the area.
CSA Organizations
Local CSA Farms

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