Welcome to Active Suburbia!

Greetings, nobles and countrymen! Lend me your ears!
(Ok. That's a little too corny! But it got your attention...)
Anywhoo, welcome to the wonderful world that's part of Active Suburbia. My name is Denise and I will be your tour guide.
In this blog, I will be your guide to places within the Chicagoland Suburbs that will help lead a more active lifestyle and a lot of fun too.  In fact, studies have shown that reading this blog will bring a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and burn those last nasty 5 lbs that you can't seem to get off. (Ok, everything's true except for the last one that hasn't been proved.....YET, but I am determined to make it true.)
In fact, the title shows the premise of this blog.
This blog is for runners - recreational to the serious marathoners
This blog is for cyclists.
This blog is for triathletes and Ironmen.
This blog is for people who just want to have fun outdoors.
This blog is for people who just want to have fun indoors.
This blog is also for those who want to be more active than they are. 
This blog is for the former couch potatoes. (And you know who are.)
You will be able to find way to just be active....PERIOD!
BTW, you know of something fun and active that you would like to cover in a future post, please shoot an e-mail to activesuburbia@gmail.com. I will be happy to check it out and will even bring a few active guinea pigs...er...volunteers with me as well.
I look forward to posting about fun things all around the wonderful Chicagoland suburbs. 
In the end, we should listen to the wise words sung by Olivia Newton-John.
"Let's get PHYSICAL... PHYSICAL, I wanna get PHYSICAL, let's get into physical
Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk"
(By no means, Active Suburbia, is not liable or responsible for causing Olivia Newton-John's song, Physical, stuck in your head. However, this can be quickly remedied by playing the Chicago Blackhawk's theme song really, really loud.)

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