During the Zombie Apocalypse, Should You Accept Refugees?

During the Zombie Apocalypse, Should You Accept Refugees?

It’s been 26 months since the power grids went out and people started coming back to life and eating brains. You’ve managed to survive in the dystopian future by doing things you never thought possible before. You camped in the wilderness for almost an entire year and had to kill your bestfriend because he was nailing your wife and kind of went a little crazy. You found a farm and lived there for wayyyy too long until it was over taken by zombies. You lived in a prison until some asshole blew that up. Then you spent an entire year walking to a place only to find out they were eating people. Life was rough then but now you’ve finally settled down in a walled off society with electricity and water and food.

Now that you’ve found some sort of normality, it’s your decision to let other survivors into your piece of paradise. You’re obviously skeptical of anyone because you’ve learned the hard way that people can’t be trusted. The zombie apocalypse will urge you to start asking the more important questions in life. Do you trust fellow survivors? Can they help you survive? Can you accept them into your group?


So when you do come across other survivors you ask three questions: How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

Asking these three questions gives you a chance to discern a person’s history, their competence, and their morality. What kind of person is this that is seeking refuge? What are their beliefs? Will they kill you given a chance? Will they kill others to protect you and themselves? Can they help in other ways? Are they doctors or engineers? Do they have children? Do they know how to make food or ammunition?


After asking your three questions and mulling over a decision, you decide that you don’t trust this foreigner and exile him. It wasn't because you were racist or a bigot. Race doesn't matter right now. It's because you're precautious. You're afraid that if you let too many people in, one of them could be bad. It was a difficult decision but you had to make the right choice for your group and your family. The castaway leaves, destined to die by zombies or at the hand of other humans.

A few months later, the castaway is back, this time with 20 other survivors…and they’re pissed. They know you have a paradise behind your walls and they want it. They kill a bunch of people you don’t care about and maybe Glenn but you won’t find out about that for a month. Now you’re second guessing your decision. Did closing your doors to other apocalypse survivors really stop them from getting in? Or did it stoke radicalism? Did it make the refugees hate you even more only for them to come back and burn down your Eden?


Wow. The zombie apocalypse is a tough place. And so is the totally non fiction world we live in today. We have a terribly hard decision on our hands. Do we accept refugees from Syria? I can understand why so many people are fearful. There are bad people out there who want nothing more than to hurt our group. But there are good people out there too. People who are just trying to get away from the Governor ISIS. We know that there’s no fool proof way to protect ourselves and our group forever. What do we do? Well if this was the Walking Dead, we'd (SPOILER ALERT) eventually join with a couple other communities and go to war.

But this is real life. And three questions won't work on Syrian refugees. But the same rules apply here as they do in the zombie apocalypse. Do we lose our humanity to stay alive? Do we close our gates out of fear? I think however you answer these questions depends on you - and no answer is wrong. So stop calling people racists and bigots. People are scared. It's OK to be scared. We are the walking dead.

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