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Some Breaks from Shopping

You can’t spend all your time at the mall. You need some rest and music. Monday, December 17. Kerry Patrick Clark at St. Tim’s Coffee House, 9000 N. Kildare, Skokie. 7 PM. Free will donation. Tuesday, December 18. Annual Holiday Hoot on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma. The ones we know will be there include ... Read more »

Music for the Post-Hanukkah Letdown

The candles have all burned down, gifts and gelt distributed, and latkes devoured. Not to worry, there is music to  raise your spirits prior to the solstice holiday. Tuesday, December 11.   Bittersweet Christmas Band live, in an attendable event at Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, Live show at 7 PM, on-air-air at 8 PM.... Read more »

'Tis the Season to Hear Music

Time to take a break from buying unneeeded presents, to hear some live music. Monday, December 3.   Chris Vallillo at The Hideout (while it still exists), 1354 W. Wabansia, Chicago. 8 PM. Tuesday, December 4. Friction Farm and Schmaltz live in-studio on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM, or 8 PM. Thursday,... Read more »

Insert Corny Thanksgiving Pun Here

You know, “Thankful for great music,” or “No turkey concerts this week,” or “Gobble up some music.” Andrew Calhoun, I have thrown down the gauntlet to you. Tuesday, November 20.    Muriel Anderson live in-studio on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma. Perhaps Muriel will mention her annual concert this coming Saturday in Downers Grove. Ya... Read more »

Too Cold for the Beach, Here Are Your Alternatives

Music has gone indoors. The better to keep the guitars in tune. Better for the audiences, too. Tuesday, November 13.  Jenny Bienemann and friends in an attendable event at Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma. Contact Lilli to attend, 7 PM for live show, 8 PM on the air. 90.9 FM, or  Richard Shindell... Read more »

This is the Week the Political Ads Stop

That has nothing to do with music in Chicago, we’re just so happy that the ads will stop. Now back to your regularly-scheduled music. Tuesday, November 6. You voted, right? Of course you did. We’re folkies, we all vote. Patti Ecker and Don Sherman, Jr. live in-studio on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM,... Read more »

Enter the Sounds of Scorpio

That’s right, November starts this week. Before you know it, it will be veterans’ day. Tuesday, October 30. Happy birthday, RJT. Halloween Special on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma,, 90.9 FM, or 8 PM. Wednesday, October 31. Be kind to your trick or treaters: have only healthy candy bars for them.   Jazzman Jeff Justman,... Read more »

Small but Mighty Schedule this Week

Those outdoor venues are waning as the cold weather takes over. Time to get out the coats and scarves. Tuesday, October 23. Preview of FARM, with many guests, on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM, or  8 PM.    Robin and Jenny Bienemann at Hey Nonny, 10 S. Vail St, Arlington Heioghts. 7:30 PM.... Read more »

Holy <bleep> It's Folktober

It must be the post-Columbus Day folk concert season.You’ll never be able to get to all of them. Tuesday, October 16. Festival mixer and pledge night on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM, or 8 PM. Wednesday, October 17.   Jazzman Jeff Justman at the Ravinia Farmers’ Market, Dean Ave, Highland Park. 9... Read more »

This Week, Columbus Discovered Folk Music.

Actually, he never landed on folk music. He only made it as far as delta blues, then returned to Spain. (c’mon, you all get the siimbolism there). Tuesday, October 9.    Mark Dvorak at the Grafton Pub, 4530 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, in a tribute to Pete Seeger. 9 PM. “Fiery Folk” on Folk Festival... Read more »