The Week Leading up to the Exciting Ground Hog Day Holiday

If the little rodent sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of the impeachment trial.

Tuesday, January 28.

Festival mixer on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM, or 8 PM.

19 Jenny and Robin Bienemann  Robin and Jenny Bienemann and   Spuds Small Potatoes at Hey Nonny, 10 S. Vail, Arlington Heights. 7:30 PM. $10 - $22. Good place to celebrate a birthday, nes pas?

Wednesday, January 29.

Naomi Ashley Band at Wire, 6815 W. Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn. 8:30 PM.

Thursday, January 30.

Donna Herula  Donna Herula at Smoke Daddy BBQ, 1804 W. Division St, Chicago. 7:30 PM.

Friday, January 31.

Earnest and Troubled at Two Way Street Coffee House, 1047 Curtiss St, Downers Grove. 8:15 PM. $10.

Saturday, February 1.

Heather Pierson Trio at Acoustic Renaissance, 11 W. Maple St, Hinsdale. 8 PM. $18.

MikeAPalooza birthday Bash, featuring Mike Felton plus 8 bands, at Phyliss' Music Inn, 1800 W. Division St, Chicago. 7 PM.

Sunday, February 2.

Have a safe and holy Groundhog's Day.

House of Hamill at Windy City House Concerts, on Chicago's north side. for details. 4 PM. $20.

Enjoy the music, stay warm, and share this article on Facebook.


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