From U.S. Presidents' Day to Mexican Flag Day, and Every Day in Between

Bet you didn't know that next Sunday is Mexican Flag Day. Afren't you glad you came?

Monday, February 18.

Presidents' Day, when we celebrate 44 of the 45 American presidents. I have one in mind to omit, but you can choose your own.

Tuesday, February 19.

chris vallilo  Cheis Vallillo in an attendable event on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma. Also a segment on black history month.  7 PM for the live concert, 8 PM on the air. Contact Lilli to attend, $15. 90.9 FM, or

Wednesday, February 20.

Naomi Ashley Band at Wire, 6815 W. Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn. 9 PM.

Friday,  February 22.

Chads Elliott at Stage Left, 125 Van Buren, Woodstock. 7:30 PM. $15.

Saturday, February 23.

Noam Pikelny and Stuart Duncan at Evanston SPACE, 1245 Chicago Ave, Evanston. 7 PM. $25 - $45.

robbie-fulks  Robbie Fulks, et al, at Lincoln Hall, 2424 Lincoln Ave, Chicago. 8 PM.

Mulligan Stew at Peggy Kinane's, 8 N. Vail St, Arlington Heights. 8:30 PM.

Strum Brothers at Sip, 108 Barrington Commons Ct, Barrington. 8 PM.

Sunday, February 24.

It's Mexican Flag Day, but this is not Mexico, so it might not be high priority for all of our readers.

The Black Feathers perform a house concert in Oak Park. for details. 3 PM. $20.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone featured in this article, and everyone who attends an event, were to share on Facebook. Think of the coverage! And thank you to all who do share every week.

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