This is the Week the Political Ads Stop

That has nothing to do with music in Chicago, we're just so happy that the ads will stop. Now back to your regularly-scheduled music.

Tuesday, November 6.

You voted, right? Of course you did. We're folkies, we all vote.

Patti Ecker and Don Sherman, Jr. live in-studio on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM, or 8 PM> Don will be re-enactiong the civil war with the original cast.

Thursday, November 8.

Merv Collins  Merv Collins at Chicago French Market, 131 N. Clinton St, Chicago. 4:30 PM.

Dave Rudolf @ fvff  Dave Rudolf, plus  dean-milano-2 Dean Milano do the British Invasion, at River Grove Public Library, 8638 W. Grand Ave, River Grove. 8 PM.

Friday, November 9.

Strum Brothers at Bleuroot, 98 W. Main St, Dundee. 8 PM.

februarysky  February Sky and Briar Road at Wishbone North, 3300 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago. 7 PM.

Donna Herula  Donna Herula and Tony Nardiello at Molly's Cafe, 941 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago. 7:30 PM.

Saturday, November 10.

Buddy Mondlock, Mike Landauer, and Donna AdlerDonna Adler at Edgar's Place, 2501 N. Western Ave, Park Forest. 7:30 PM.

Open Mic at Shir Hadesh Synagogue, 200 W. Dundee Rd, Wheeling. 7 PM.

Donna Herula and Tony Nardiello at the Bartlett Public Library. 2 PM.

Larry Rand and Nate Herman at Wishbone North, 3300 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago. 7 PM.

Sunday, November 11.

Patti Ecker at Rosehill Cemetery, 5800 N. Ravenswood, Chocago. 11 AM.

We hope you will be going out to hear live music to celebrate the victory of your candidates on election day. Unless your candidate is running against ours, then we hope you are going out to forget your election day losses. Either way, share this on Facebook to help spread the nonpartison word.


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