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Two Dates, One Girl: My Revenge On Michael Buble's Engagement

(AP) WHYYYYYYYY?!?! Well, Michael Buble is engaged.  I guess his beautiful Argentinian fiance defeated Buble’s Ana Fernatt rule…AND since I’m all “give credit to the girl who put in work,” I must humbly bow out from my ten-point plan to seduce Buble at his concert in March.  I’m sure I can return the handcuffs and... Read more »

Should I Be Markley'd or Geeked?

This. Is. Awesome.    This Monday, I was publicly propositioned by not one, but TWO RedEye studs.  Apparently, Stephen Markley of Off the Markley is getting bored with his amorous relationship with himself and Elliott Serrano of Geek To Me fulfills several of my “datable requirements”.  I haven’t been this popular since the second grade when... Read more »