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What HBO's Girls Taught Me About My Last Relationship

Forward to the :33 mark and focus on the girl with long brown curly hair in the plunging white dress, this was me at every single one of my ex boyfriend’s shows.  Who was I kidding?!  I couldn’t even skip until I was 8 and the Queen of England was at my college graduation, people.... Read more »

Would you get married at town hall?

  Bridezilla… (Photo Credit: Flickr — Hibryd) I am borderline addicted to reality wedding shows.  I easily spend an entire weekend watching Bridezilla, Say Yes To The Dress and Platinum Weddings.  Every once in awhile, you will see a couple who appears to be completely head over heels for eachother…but mostly, I am just gobsmacked... Read more »

Married at 25? I guess that's the norm...

(AP Photo/Fred Marcus Photography, Brian Marcus) Ivanka, a successful, wealthy, and beautiful woman, waited until she was 27 to get married. Apparently, that is years past the norm. Share Ugh…marriage.   I recently read that the average American woman gets married at 25.6 years.  At 25.4, I apparently am on the higher end of this... Read more »