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Blackberry Balls: All Text, No Date

Consider this a Public Service Announcement.  I’ve become recently afflicted with a rapidly spreading syndrome called Blackberry Balls.  It is passed on to women of a phone-bearing age by men of a certain attention-seeking type. The male will have an unprotected and frequent textual exchange with the female and, most likely, multiple partners at the... Read more »

ManFreeJan: The Recap

That was one long month.  I almost want to end the post there.  That seems like a pretty good summary! I don’t even mean that in a bad way.  Yes, breaking bad habits is a difficult process, but the amount of time and energy that was free in breaking them made the days stretch on... Read more »

Emoticon-ly Challenged: Technology, dating and the smilee Technology changes everything.  With texting, tweeting and facebooking quickly becoming the main forms of flirting (seriously, call me, dudes!), it has become harder and harder to communicate your point effectively.  If you want to send a sarcastic comment or be less serious, you have to teeter around the thin line of emoticons to illustrate... Read more »