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Back On The Market Party at The Fifty/50

Back On The Market Party at The Fifty/50
When adjusting to a break up, you have two options: 1) Pine away after someone who has made the decision to discard you 2) Accept the situation for what it is and react to it.  Do you stay home on weekends and cry because Justin Timberlake hasn’t responded to any of your letters?  Of course... Read more »

Stephen Markley Conned A Book Deal...And You Can Too!

Only ONE left on Amazon! Apparently, anyone can write a book these days, even super hot makeout hooches like Stephen Markley.  I know!  I’m as confused as you are!  Okay, okay…I might be a little bitter. In reality, I can’t wait to start reading Stephen Markley’s Publish This Book.  Not only is Stephen the dirty... Read more »

WIN Tickets to a Swanky Singles Party

Is the ache from the winter singles freeze starting to drive you a little nuts?  Well, good news!  Spring is coming quickly, which, as we all know, is the start of mating season…especially in Chicago, where we use the warmer months to grasp at every last chance at Vitamin D.  Even better news?  Today’s Chicago... Read more »

Rehab in Chicago - America's Best Party

(Photo Credit: GlitterGuts) Man, I look donkey!! At least, I have nice eyes 🙁 But, Jacob looks HOT and he’s newly single, ladies…… Rehab at Debonair is a troublemaker and Chicago should be proud to have it here.  I have been twice to Derek Berry and Richard Carrico’s night of hipster mayhem and have had... Read more »

Black Wednesday - Let's Party!

Jenny and I at Angels & Kings Omg…I think I just ran into someone I used to date.  I got on the train this morning and accidently bumped into a guy with my RedEye (yes, I really do read it daily).  I haven’t thought about this person in a very long time, but as soon as I passed by... Read more »