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The Underground Is Back. Thank *$&%!

The Underground Is Back. Thank *$&%!
The Underground is reopening in Chicago on Thursday, August 1, aka Lollapalooza weekend. After an extensive renovation and expansion, the celebrity-riddled pretty people paradise is back! This is what I know. A few days ago, this cryptic message from Billy Dec arrived in my inbox. I’m terrified. Sign me up. I’ll get into the details in... Read more »

Strep Throat SUCKS!

Last week, I had a really bad case of strep.  I’m gonna be honest.  I really thought people who complained about strep were huge wusses.  I mean, it’s just a sore throat.  Fast forward to me literally sweating through my dress and all over the chair during a really important meeting last week, because I... Read more »

Sexy Rx: Wasabi Wednesday at Sushi Samba

(Photo Credit: To Myself For Being Awesome)This very dark picture is a glass and pitcher of Caipirinha, I swear! I know that usually I use this space to recommend somewhere to go foxing over the weekend, however, I want to give you an early warning.  I think this warrants a spot on your to-do for next... Read more »