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If I die before, I wake...Brittany Murphy dies at 32

  (AP) My generation was one behind the Clueless fanatics, but my sister and her best friend saw it about five times in the theatre.  They took on the lingo and style, which means I (who idolized my older sister) took on the lingo and style.  From mini backpacks and pens with big furry puffs,... Read more »

Magnificent Mile Lights Fest and Why My Niece Thinks I'm Single

My niece’s Top 10 suggestions on what I should do to get a boyfriend My 8-year-old niece is about thirty times fiercer than I will ever be.  Whenever she comes to visit, her little city ensemble makes my outfit look like it was thrown together by a hungover vagabond (which it pretty much was.)  She... Read more »