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Street Justice, Mom-Style

Last week, was fucking rough.  And for those of you who frequently read this blog, you know I don’t swear…so…as you can guess, shit got really, really real.  It involved a whole lot of drinking, very little eating and pent up anger that made a cab driver who had tried to scam me well up... Read more »

NSFD: Not Safe For Dad

Earmuffs, dad! My dad reads my blog every day, which is awesome!  I’m very fortunate that he supports what I do…BUT, I write a relationship/dating/20-something-girl-about-town blog and there are just somethings my dad does not want to know about. Actual conversation: Dad: So…I saw that post you wrote about the 30 guys you wanted to... Read more »

What Will My Mom Say??

Mom in her 20s Omg…What Will My Mom Say? WWMMS??  If it is anything like my internal monologue, she will say “Ana Marie Fernatt, why are you draped across my browser?” Yes, this theme was mostly my idea.  Yes, I picked out the dress.  Yes, I do look like this everyday, all the time, never a... Read more »