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Single This Season? Five Quick Holiday Tips from

There are too many delicious things in life to spend it crying about what’s not. I love the girls at  They just “get it.” And by “it,” I mean that they know any good relationship starts with having a good relationship with yourself. This is the first lesson you learn when exiting a bad one. Besides, their... Read more »

Back On The Market Party at The Fifty/50

Back On The Market Party at The Fifty/50
When adjusting to a break up, you have two options: 1) Pine away after someone who has made the decision to discard you 2) Accept the situation for what it is and react to it.  Do you stay home on weekends and cry because Justin Timberlake hasn’t responded to any of your letters?  Of course... Read more »

Defining Your Relationship

( Pop quiz! One answer gets you (NSFD!!) a hot makeout session. The other gets you punched in the face. Don’t have the time to read? Listen to the podcast. You’ve been seeing eachother more regularly.  When you have an event or just want dinner, they’re the first person you call.  When you’re in a... Read more »

The Michael Buble Rule: Buble's Replacement

(Photos from Getty, AP)  Well, Buble is now off-limits.  Standing next to him in the elevator on Monday made me realize that I need a new Michael Buble for the rule and fast.  Otherwise, I have to really start thinking about my list and make a guy stand up to that, rather than an far-fetched celeb scale…and... Read more »

Mr. Right Must Have These Characteristics

2008 was the year of Ana making bad dating decisions.  From a couple months “in a relationship” with Red (a comedian who went a little nuts) to a couple months in an intense fling with Mickey (there’s probably a post I need to write on this one) to a couple dates with a 6’6” Russian... Read more »