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7 New Anxieties For Gay People Now That Gay Marriage Is Legal

Gay marriage is now legal in Illinois. It’s official. Over BYOB mani-pedis, the following conversation occurred: Me: Congrats! They signed the legislation today. You can get married in Illinois now. BGF: Well. Thanks. Before I could just blame the fact that I wasn’t married on it not being legal. It was The Man’s fault. Now... Read more »

Quick Thought #1: Marriage Proposal

I’d be okay if someone proposed to me with this book by The Oatmeal instead of a ring. I mean, I’d definitely expect a ring to follow very soon. But, at first, I’d be all “Awwwwwww. You get me. Yes, I will marry you, Michael Buble.”

The Judge From Divorce Court Talks Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Divorce

The Judge From Divorce Court Talks Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Divorce
I better start by saying that I really couldn’t care less about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes splitting up.  I don’t really care about celebrities.  Their relationship is none of my business.  And having just come out of a locally public relationship, I can’t even imagine how that would be on a global scale. Break... Read more »

Groupon Bets On First Date Success

( First dates are equal parts terrifying and thrilling.  Part of me is screaming without much reason…just an internal “OH HOLY CRAP!!!!!” panic attack.  The other part is really excited.  Every first date could be your last first date.  It’s totally possible that you are about to embark on that wild, crazy love story that... Read more »

Would you get married at town hall?

  Bridezilla… (Photo Credit: Flickr — Hibryd) I am borderline addicted to reality wedding shows.  I easily spend an entire weekend watching Bridezilla, Say Yes To The Dress and Platinum Weddings.  Every once in awhile, you will see a couple who appears to be completely head over heels for eachother…but mostly, I am just gobsmacked... Read more »

Married at 25? I guess that's the norm...

(AP Photo/Fred Marcus Photography, Brian Marcus) Ivanka, a successful, wealthy, and beautiful woman, waited until she was 27 to get married. Apparently, that is years past the norm. Share Ugh…marriage.   I recently read that the average American woman gets married at 25.6 years.  At 25.4, I apparently am on the higher end of this... Read more »