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ManFreeJan: The Recap

That was one long month.  I almost want to end the post there.  That seems like a pretty good summary! I don’t even mean that in a bad way.  Yes, breaking bad habits is a difficult process, but the amount of time and energy that was free in breaking them made the days stretch on... Read more »

Sexy Rx: #ManFreeJan home stretch

Four more days left in #ManFreeJan.  Just FOUR more.  This is probably the first time in my life where four sounds like an eternity.  This will be my biggest challenge yet. For my ladies out there who’ve joined me in #ManFreeJan, it’s time to start letting a little loose this weekend.  Flirt your faces off. ... Read more »

Sexy Rx: Sweat The Small Stuff At Hot Yoga

There is something so terrifically erotic about hot yoga.  Your skin drips with sweat and slips around on your mat.  Your eyes take on a stunning level of intensity and, I swear, mine get a deeper, darker, more crystalline shade of blue.  Your body gets heavy, but it’s a good fulfilling heavy.  And the rush... Read more »