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Dramatic Eye Opening Moment: Lindsay Lohan

Hey guys, I had a sit straight up in bed moment this morning. Remember that time that Lindsay Lohan was dating Wilber Valderamma and Ashton put her on Punk’d?  It was at the time that she was a) still a red head, b) adorable and squeaky clean, and c) not acting like a crazy person.... Read more »

Accidentally Sexy Refresher Course

Hi Chickadees, Less than 24 hours from now, most of us will be jaw deep in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and as many carbs as you can possibly imagine.  I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that you’ll probably be sleeping/spending time with your family rather than perusing my musings.  If... Read more »

Learning from LiLo's list of romantic disasters

Learning from LiLo's list of romantic disasters
(AP) So, after violating her probation, LiLo is in jail-o. Apparently, we all need to care a lot, unlike her crazy parents who are using it as an opportunity to get interviews on Larry King Live…I guess we all grieve differently. Let’s be fair, we’ve all made some pretty dumb mistakes (before facebook turned your... Read more »