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Hump Day Soundtrack: Love Gun

This is my love note to all of you.  When I’m going through something a little rough, I love that I can come and talk with you all.  You remind me that we all have the same stuff.  You also remind me not to lose hope.  Love you all.  And thank you.

Hump Day Soundtrack: The Hood Internet, Te Amo

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked out, but today it was obviously meant to happen.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to send in some Hump Day whoopie. I’ve always adored Chicago’s Hood Internet.  And this is exactly why. The Hood Internet – Without Kimmi (Usher x Twin Sister) by hoodinternet

Hump Day Soundtrack: The Black Keys

I don’t need to get steady I know just how I feel I’m telling you to get ready My dear

Hump Day Soundtrack: I think I'm ready to finally Discover

Here’s a confession: I’m ready to be in a relationship.  It’s not that I’m looking for one.  It’s that I am finally ready to really be in one.  I’m being careful about it.  Anything that happens will happen slowly, but, for the first time ever, I’m feeling whole and complete, which means I’ll attract someone... Read more »

Hump Day Soundtrack: I Always Fall For Your Type by Imelda Monique

Drake can basically do no wrong in my eyes.  He’s my new Michael Buble.  This remix of his banger is so painfully beautiful. This song is equal parts hopeful and desperate.  You’ve met someone.  You like them.  You like them more than you’ve liked someone in a long time.  BUT, the last time you liked... Read more »

Hump Day Soundtrack: Puppy Toy by Tricky

This song drives me wild. A lyrical tip of the hat to Iggy Pop’s I Want To Be Your Dog, Puppy Toy screams carnally.  The video is pretty sexy too.  A little seedy, a little glamourous, dark, vibrant and colorful.  As described on Tricky’s page, “There may be a playful exterior, but lurking between the... Read more »

Hump Day Soundtrack: 1+1 by Beyonce

Happy Hump Day, Chickadees! Beyonce is pregnant and in the age of new media, that is old news by now.  What’s great about the mega-relationship of Beyonce and H-to-the-O-V is how quiet they’ve been able to make their colossal coupling.  They are two independently enormous business/music powerhouses who have managed to somehow bypass the Bennifer... Read more »