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ManFreeJan: The Recap

That was one long month.  I almost want to end the post there.  That seems like a pretty good summary! I don’t even mean that in a bad way.  Yes, breaking bad habits is a difficult process, but the amount of time and energy that was free in breaking them made the days stretch on... Read more »

FLESHlights and Frustration

Want to know what this is? Read this story. This happened to my friend. I swear.  My friend started casually dating a guy a few months ago.  He’s really cute, successful and dresses well.  As a matter of fact, she practically leapt over a room of people to introduce herself.  They had a very similar... Read more »

Project Listen To My Friends: Tips From My BGF

As I mentioned, I’m trying this new thing where I actually listen to the people that know me best.  Two weeks ago, I investigated the advice from one of my best straight male friends, Alek.  This time around, I switched sides to hear from my BGF. (P.S. I hope you wore purple yesterday for Spirit Day.  I... Read more »

Sexy Rx: Oktoberfest...the last festival of the season!

( I started at RedEye last summer as its 50Fests correspondent.  I quickly found that going to Chicago festivals was an AMAZING way to meet single guys.  The season, however, is coming to a close this weekend, and all the Chicagoan boys and girls are starting to pair up for the long winter nap.  There are... Read more »

Date Night: Sable Kitchen & Bar

This is a rhubarb turnover desert at Sable. They even gave us a little milkshake with a blue and pink straws to share. Adorable. Trust me, girls like those cute details. It is painfully beautiful outside right now.  I am regrettably writing this from a temperature controlled room under florescent lighting.  It’s the type of... Read more »

Stephen Markley Conned A Book Deal...And You Can Too!

Only ONE left on Amazon! Apparently, anyone can write a book these days, even super hot makeout hooches like Stephen Markley.  I know!  I’m as confused as you are!  Okay, okay…I might be a little bitter. In reality, I can’t wait to start reading Stephen Markley’s Publish This Book.  Not only is Stephen the dirty... Read more »

Defining Your Relationship

( Pop quiz! One answer gets you (NSFD!!) a hot makeout session. The other gets you punched in the face. Don’t have the time to read? Listen to the podcast. You’ve been seeing eachother more regularly.  When you have an event or just want dinner, they’re the first person you call.  When you’re in a... Read more »