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Meet Hot Chicago Women Writers

Meet Hot Chicago Women Writers
This post is for two people. Those who want to network with writers and those who want to see a bunch of babes in one place. I am incredibly honored to be a featured writer at the Chicago She Writes event happening at American Junkie this Thursday, November 14, starting at 7 pm. You can buy tickets here... Read more »

Girl Crush Gallery: 10 Sexy Chicago Chicks

Angi Taylor - KISS FM Morning DJ: I've been a mega fan of Angi Taylor since the DreX In The Morning days.  Now, she's holding her own on Brotha Fred's Neighborhood.  The girl is smokin' hot, hilarious, married to a dude that rips faces off for a living and can keep up with my ridiculous sassiness.  Fox on, girl.  Fox on!

Plus, she looks like freaking Kate Middleton in this photo!
If I had some sort of Freaky Friday moment and was forced to change lives with another gal for a day, I would gladly choose any of these ladies.  I’m totally crushing on these ten beautiful, talented and interesting women.  Seriously, girls, stop making me look like a sluff!