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10 Bizarrely Awesome Christmas Gifts

10 Bizarrely Awesome Christmas Gifts
It’s all fine and dandy to give a gift that will make somebody smile. Well done. If you want to be granted a 1-UP in awesome, however, you need to give a gift that makes the receiver’s head literally explode. These 10 gifts will do just that. Just click on the name of the item... Read more »

Win A Last-Minute Holiday Gift

I loooooooove this book. I DO NOT want to give it away, but it's time to pay it forward.  Who knew talking about vaginas in a medical fashion could be so interesting, charming and funny?  It's everything you've ever wanted to know about how a woman's lady parts work.  Plus, my favorite author, Mary Roach, is a fan.  Fantastic, fantastic book.
( It’s the holidays and you have all been very good this year.  Lucky for you, this coincides with me needing to clean out my closet.  Besides the usual terms and conditions, there are two main rules: 1) leave a comment below telling me which prize you want and why, 2) you have to be able... Read more »