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How To Break Up With A Friend

How To Break Up With A Friend
A friendship has finished its lifecycle. It’s time to call it quits. Even though this wasn’t a romantic relationship, you want to break up with your friend and you’re here to learn how-to. Each friend represents a certain aspect of your personality, so what happens if that piece of shared personality has changed or even... Read more »

Dubuque Won't Make You Puke

Buying a ticket on the Greyhound SUCKED, but the actual ride wasn't that bad.
Here’s the thing about travel: do it.  That doesn’t mean that you need to spend a case full of doubloons on an exotic transcontinental trek.  Just go where they don’t know your name and they don’t know your friends.  Get some perspective.  Embrace adventure.  Explore.  That’s exactly what I set out to do this weekend.... Read more »