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4 Steps To Avoid The Friend Zone

We’ve all visited the dreaded Friend Zone. Heck, I probably have a couple time shares there. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can avoid the Friend Zone in these four not-that-easy-you’ve-got-to-be-willing-to-strap-on-your-big-boy-balls steps. Honestly, it’s scary…but, come on, you can do it. Be clear that what you are doing is “going on dates.” ┬áIt’s... Read more »

5 things his friends say about him

(Photo Credit: Clinton Steeds on Flickr) You are only as good as the company you keep. Consider your own group of friends. How do they effect your daily choices? Like it or not, your friends say a lot about who you are and what you want in life. The same goes for guys. You can... Read more »

Allow Time To Reveal Their Crazy

This picture was taken the same night. I think my date is behind the camera. (Pictured: Me, Jen Healy, Marathon Missfit and Alek) This story starts out with one simple fact: Connie Reyes, aka Marathon Missfit, is a bad ass.  She looks sweet and talks really quiet, but she will cut you. A few months... Read more »

Project Listen To My Friends: Tips From My BGF

As I mentioned, I’m trying this new thing where I actually listen to the people that know me best.  Two weeks ago, I investigated the advice from one of my best straight male friends, Alek.  This time around, I switched sides to hear from my BGF. (P.S. I hope you wore purple yesterday for Spirit Day.  I... Read more »

Project listen to my friends: Who should Ana date?

Alek: Ana, you need to date a blah, blah guy. ::voice that sounds like the teacher in Peanuts::, Ana: Ohhhhh…Alek. Life is all about discovery. The only way you can grow is to continuously turn over the pebbles of your mind and discover what is under each and every one, how they connect, why they... Read more »

Can Guys And Girls Be Just Friends

( Harry and Sally, Joey and Dawson, Ross and Rachel…can straight guys and girls ever REALLY be “just friends”?  I would like to say yes, as a matter of fact, I would LOVE to say yes.  Most guys that I’ve dated have had more gal pals than guy friends and it seems easier for me... Read more »