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Homestead: Restaurant Takes Farm To Fork Seriously

If you come for one thing, make it these Double Baked Potatoes.  Everything else is just delicious detailing.  Shoestring potatoes are shaped and baked around a cannoli mold, then the most amazing truffle-goat cheese mashed potato is piped inside.  And then...oh lawd...and THEN, fresh black truffle (not preserved...oh no!) is shaved on top of the gorgeous little cones.  It's decadent.  And it's worth every moment of savoring.  I seriously could've eaten only this, walked out and decided Homestead was my new restaurant North Star.
If I was to impart you with one word of advice, Double Potatoes from Homestead would be it. The new Wicker Park spot is run by the same great dudes behind Roots Homemade Pizza, Fifty/50 and West Town Bakery & Diner.  In fact, the restaurant is situated on Root’s rooftop.  With flora galore, strings of... Read more »

Accidentally Sexy Food Porn: My week in New Orleans

Sometimes you order a sandwich at a bar and it's just so disappointing, that was not the case at Capdeville.
New Orleans is all about laid back living, rich history and mixed influences. Its food is the absolute definition of people who enjoy life and make an art of it — its flavors demonstrate the environment and ancestry of this historic city.  I spent my birthday week in New Orleans, and this is how I... Read more »