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Chicago is the third most chivalrous city

Dockers (All Rights Reserved) Is chivalry dead?  That’s what Dockers wanted to know when they marched out into five U.S. cities with a camera and young woman or mature man pulling a teetering stack of files.  The company, best known for its khaki pants, discovered that there are still people out there willing to help out a damsel in... Read more »

Project Listen To My Friends: The wingwoman

Samantha, The Ultimate Wingwoman Samantha is the ultimate wingwoman.  I can’t actually think of a night that I have hung out with her and not gotten some smoking hottie’s number.  If that weren’t enough, she’s more than happy to set me up with her male friends…it’s incredible!  Well, I’m not sure she actually intends to... Read more »

Project Listen To My Friends: Tips From My BGF

As I mentioned, I’m trying this new thing where I actually listen to the people that know me best.  Two weeks ago, I investigated the advice from one of my best straight male friends, Alek.  This time around, I switched sides to hear from my BGF. (P.S. I hope you wore purple yesterday for Spirit Day.  I... Read more »

Project listen to my friends: Who should Ana date?

Alek: Ana, you need to date a blah, blah guy. ::voice that sounds like the teacher in Peanuts::, Ana: Ohhhhh…Alek. Life is all about discovery. The only way you can grow is to continuously turn over the pebbles of your mind and discover what is under each and every one, how they connect, why they... Read more »

Weekend Recap: They Should Sell My Brand Of Party In Stores

  I think this place is called Mullen’s, I think this shot is called a Lemondrop, I think I’ve never looked happier. Wow.  I guess I’m really back into the swing of things.  I didn’t push it, I waited for it and…wow…it paid to have patience with myself.  This was the first weekend where I... Read more »