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Real Men Dress Nicely

Real Men Dress Nicely
It’s my favorite time of year! Christmas and Thanksgiving are great, but what I’m really excited about is that magical time when No Shave November/Movember and November of Dressing Nicely intersect into a beautiful man-splosion of beards and suits. Chicago storyteller and Moth GrandSLAM winner Shannon Cason tells it best in his story on WBEZ: wear... Read more »

Girl Crush Gallery: 10 Sexy Chicago Chicks

Angi Taylor - KISS FM Morning DJ: I've been a mega fan of Angi Taylor since the DreX In The Morning days.  Now, she's holding her own on Brotha Fred's Neighborhood.  The girl is smokin' hot, hilarious, married to a dude that rips faces off for a living and can keep up with my ridiculous sassiness.  Fox on, girl.  Fox on!

Plus, she looks like freaking Kate Middleton in this photo!
If I had some sort of Freaky Friday moment and was forced to change lives with another gal for a day, I would gladly choose any of these ladies.  I’m totally crushing on these ten beautiful, talented and interesting women.  Seriously, girls, stop making me look like a sluff!  

Sexy Rx: Your Girlfriend's Favorite Designer

I WILL own this dress. Anna Hovet is your girlfriend’s favorite designer…or so she claims.  This future awesome girlfriend is happy to confirm it.  This weekend, you have two chances to get your best fox on with these fun fashion events.  First, grab your girls this Friday to check out the monthly Pretty in Pilsen, a... Read more »

I want to be a Victoria Secret runway model

Victoria’s Secret recently held an open casting call in Chicago for their next runway star.  I couldn’t go because I was…busy (read: hungover and 15 lbs heavier than I would want to be when auditioning for Victoria’s Secret)  I can’t really give accurate critiques based on the photos that I saw, because I’m not a... Read more »